Hiker Found Pit Bull With Bullet Wounds & Carried Him Down The Mountain For 1 Hour


Andi Davis was in the midst of hiking and had gone about a half mile uphill on October 18 when she came across an animal in need. She had been following a very much deserted trail located in Phoenix when she stumbled upon a almost unconscious dog.

It had been standing unsteadily when it suddenly collapsed, landing on the ground with his head positioned next to a rock.

Found Pit Bull

With a black and white coat and all covered in bullet wounds, the dog’s life was in danger and it was up to Davis to help him.Although the hiker had initially hesitated for a moment before going near to assist the wounded Pit Bull, she was relieved once she spotted that he was at least able to lift his head when she offered her water bottle to him.

Davis gave the dog a drink and proceed to carry him all the way down the mountain. The dog weighed 47 pounds. Every few meters downhill, Davis would stop, put the dog down in order to give him some water, stand up and continue walking – all the way down.

Hiker Found Pit Bull

“When my mom found our new dog on the mountain, my heart broke at the first sight of him. He was torn up. Everywhere,” Davis’s daughter Jessi remarked.

After an hour’s worth down the mountain, Davis’s arms ached, but she was not giving up. Meeting up with both her husband and daughter, the Pit Bull was immediately ferried to the Arizona Humane Society, for emergency medical treatment. Vets there treated the Pit Bull’s open abdominal wound, extracted multiple bullet fragments near his spinal cord, as well as a bullet embedded right in the middle of the dog’s neck bone.

The Davis family took the Pit Bull in as their new dog, and lovingly named him Elijah. The once near-death dog is now in a loving and safe home, thanks to the kind heart and quick actions of Davis and her family. For Davis, her arm aches were well worth the pain after all.

Watch the amazing story unfold in the video below!

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