Homeowner heard a ‘crashing in the bush,’ expecting a bear to be his only find



Getting closer to the nature and the wild life is something that has always fascinated me a great deal. That is why I sort of feel jealous of this guy who got to film a delightful play-day of a mommy bear and her two cubs.

The lovely encounter took place in Sunshine Coast, British Colombia, and it truly warmed our hearts to see the cute babies running around the yard in such excitement. Their mommy let them have fun by exploring the place and sniffing around while carefully watching over them.

“I heard crashing in the bush, rushed to get my camera, put on the telephoto lens and position myself on the deck at a point I thought I might catch the bear. Little did I know, it was a mother bear and two cubs,” YouTuber user flipper577 said of the encounter.

Black bears are the smallest of the three types of North American bears, but that doesn’t make them less dangerous for humans, so no matter how cute they are, we should never approach them close.

Luckily, they are curious and love hanging around people’s property which gives us the chance to see them from short distance and learn more about their vibrant nature.

You can take a look at the bear family having fun in the video below. Don’t forget to share ti with your friends.


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