Husky Scolded for Making Mess Throws an “Oscar-Winning” Tantrum –



All dog breeds are special, but their lustrous blue eyes and contrasting black and grey fur makes huskies one of a kind.

What is amazing about these creatures is their vibrant personality. They just love being around their humans and love playing and running around, so if you consider getting one, you are getting a friend for life. However, you have to keep in mind that they are overly energetic and require a lot of daily exercise.

Take Blu for example. He was left alone in the house while his human mommy and daddy were off on a date and he made the place a complete mess. Among the other things, he ripped off his bed so he got scolded for his behavior.

However, Blu seems to hate being told off and throws the most hilarious tantrum we’ve ever seen at a dog. In fact, many say his sassy performance is Oscar worth, and we can’t agree more.

Whenever mom tries to ask him why he did what he did, Blu barks and howls, as though he’s trying to defend himself without really offering a real argument.

“Blu… hey, don’t talk over me,” his mom says. But Blu won’t stop with his tantrum unless his mom stops scolding him.

“You don’t know what happened?” mom asks. “Who did this? Was it you or your sister? Who made this big mess?”

Well, it looks like Blu is blaming on his humans for leaving him alone and that is why he created the mess.

“I’m not in trouble if I can’t hear you,” one person wrote, and it’s pretty obvious that Blu is convinced things work that way.

You don’t want to miss seeing Blu throwing a tantrum like a little child. Check the video below and make sure you share it with your friends.


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