Instagram Model ‘The Flawless Beauty’ Gets Probation For Repeatedly Kicking Her Tiny Dog PAWS PLANET



Keevonna Wilson, a 26-year-old Instagram model from South Florida, who owns an Instagram account @flawlesssworld with over 54,000 followers. However, everything had collapsed after she was caught on CCTV kicking and stamping on her small dog inside an elevator in September 2017.
In the police report, there were no external injuries to the dog, but she “winced a few times when being held”. The vet examined the pup and found that he had bruises around his stomach area. So, Miami-Dade Animal Services took Chastity from Wilson and put her up for adoption. Thankfully, the dog has found a wonderful foster home.

Robert Resnick, Wilson’s defense attorney told that his client did not intend to seriously injure the dog. She explained that she was angry at the dog because it peed in the lift. She was devastated by her awful action and she worked very hard to make this right.

Wilson addressed her animal cruelty situation on Instagram. “My actions were despicable and uncalled for,” she wrote. “I should’ve never allowed my anger issues to dictate how I would treat my own defenseless dog.”

“I took anger management classes on my own to help me deal with my internal issues,” she wrote. “I took the classes because I wanted to deal with the root of why I reacted in such a horrible way.”

“I cannot change the past, but what I can do is contribute towards making a positive difference in our society, especially when it comes to animal cruelty,” she wrote.

Finally, she has accepted a plea deal that includes paying a fine about $600 in court costs, performing 200 hours of community service and being on probation for four years. She also agreed to not own any pets for three years and paid back authorities approximately $2,700 to offset the cost of the police investigation and of housing the dog.