Internet users explain why it’s dumb and dangerous to let children mistreat pets



The love that most people have for their dogs knows no end. Unfortunately, sometimes their common-sense definitely does, and it’s usually when it comes to letting their children play with their pets.

It’s not that kids shouldn’t be allowed to play with the family dog.

They most definitely should, as there’s no better friend to grow up with them in all the world. However, it’s how some parents let their children “play” with dogs that have some people concerned.

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It can be all too easy to humanize our dogs.

We talk to them like they’re our besties and love on them and snuggle up with them all the time, and there’s nothing wrong with that, per se, but it’s important to pay attention to who’s watching you interact with your dogs.

If your kids are watching you, then it’s important to make sure they know how to safely play with a dog, and they should never be left alone. All of this seems like common sense, right? Well, apparently it’s not, and one thread on the internet is finally calling out this type of “play” and pegging it for what it is; kids mistreating pets.

Instagram user Dún Laoghaire K9 posted the above image to the social media site with a very ominous but realist commentary.

Prime example of what NOT to allow. Eventually it will come to a head and the dog will have enough. This child will be injured and this dog will be labeled aggressive and rehomed or likely euthanized. Stop allowing children to mistreat dogs. It’s not cute. It’s not funny. It’s not playful. It’s dangerous and stupid. The dog and child pay the consequences for the parent’s lack of common sense,” they wrote.

The photo caption was a hard-hitting truth that resonated deeply with many of the dog-loving netizens who saw it. It was later shared to Imgur where viewers were full of some colorful commentary of their own.

Source: Imgur/libertarirynn

That is how user Libertarirynn began her response, and then she really rips into the meat of the situation.

Listen here you f***tards: dogs. Are not. F***ing. People. They don’t operate by human logic. They don’t follow human moral codes. It has nothing to do with it being a “good dog” or not. If you were getting hit and pulled on and punched and scratched constantly, you just might react. A dog can’t speak up and say ‘hey please stop that you’re hurting me.’ What he can do is move, lunge, bite, etc. These actions might intentionally or unintentionally harm your child…” Libertarirynn’s rant continued.

Source: Imgur/libertarirynn

While the delivery may have been forceful and aggressive, it’s only because there are so many other people out there who seem to not take the issue seriously. Like many things in life, no one seems to think it will “happen to them”, or their dog. They don’t think that their perfectly sweet, innocent furbaby could ever hurt their or any other child… until it happens.ADVERTISEMENT

As many people pointed out, the end result of children mistreating pets is ultimately the worst for the pet.

If the dog reacts to anything that upsets them, they are automatically made to bear the brunt of the situation. Often with their life.

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Another reader commented with a story about her old dog and her child.

When her child was just a baby, her dog almost bit him on two separate occasions. Thankfully, the dog was able to restrain himelf enough to only give a warning “snap” and didn’t actually bite his little human. However, the situation could have turned out very differently. Either way, the parent realizes this wasn’t the dog’s “fault.”

Source: Imgur/ainawgsd

Ultimately, these internet users/animal lovers want parents and their children to know how important it is to teach your kids how to act around dogs, and not the other way around.

Source: Imgur/ainawgsd

We all love our furbabies and that’s great! If we want our kids to grow up to be responsible dog owners too, though, we need to make sure they learn how to treat them with love and respect.

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