Japanese Zoo’s ‘Lion’ Escape Drill Goes Viral When They See How The Real Lion’s Reacted



Unaware that they would have a major
PR event on their hands, a zoo in Japan decided to run some emergency drills –
resulting in unintentional hysteria.

Tobe Zoological Park which is in Ehime Prefecture, Japan,
had a drill over the weekend, which aimed to prep and train staff on how to properly
respond if a lion ever breaks out of its enclosure. The results became

Video footage of the drill depicts a man in a fake lion
suit, running around the zoo while trying to escape.

One clip of the footage shows the safely-enclosed
lions staring upon the ridiculous safety shenanigans. Twitter users were very
quick to pick up on the non-impressed looks of the real-life lions.

Naturally, the Internet was quick to dole
out the memes.

One Twitter user pointed out that
since the lions are now aware of the contingent escape plan, they’ll be sure to
do something entirely unexpected should they choose to uprise and escape.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user who used to work for the zoo recalled a time that the facility was preparing for a rhino escape. Apparently, during the drill, staff drove around the zoo grounds in a golf cart that just read “Rhino” on it.



Posted by 愛媛県立とべ動物園 on Sunday, June 23, 2019


The drill at the zoo is performed every year, although the zoo wrote on Facebook that this is the first time they’ve ever conducted a
test while visitors were in the park.

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