Kind Duck Returns Boy’s Flip-Flop That Fell Down A Hill



Myla Aguila, a woman from the Philippines, had stumbled upon a truly amazing sight as she was heading home some time ago.

She and her friends noticed a young boy sitting on the edge of a small off-the-road hill trying to figure out how to reach his flip-flop. But then, all of a sudden, he got some unexpected help. A kind duck was willing to get the flip-flop for him, and it was an incredible thing to witness.

The bird first struggled keeping the flip-flop in the mouth as it kept falling, but she somehow managed to get to where the boy was waiting.

Luckily, Myla took a video and shared it on Facebook so that we can all see it.

Who knew ducks can be so helpful and nice?

“I was dumbfounded,” Myla wrote. “The duck is kind. She really helped, even though she doesn’t know the child.”

This made Myla think of the capability of these birds to be compassionate.

“There is a feeling like a person,” she wrote, adding: “I will feel mercy on them because of what I saw.”

This video is just another proof that all animals have feelings, just like humans.

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