Kitten desperately crying for help trapped in pipes & now watch when when he’s freed from it


This is definitely one of the most amazing animal rescues we’ve stumbled upon. Namely, one cat mother was desperately trying to find a safe place where she could keep her kittens. She probably wanted it to be away from the crowd and the busy neighborhood, so she decided to place them on the roof of one of the houses.

This probably sounded like a good idea at first, but it turned out it wasn’t. The poor kittens fell through the water pipe system and got stuck there. The family could hear constant meowing, but they never assumed the poor animals could be inside the water system, until they asked for professional help. Those who came to the rescue had to use a concrete jack hammer in order to get to the little kittens. 


Luckily, this rescue story has a happy ending. The sweet babies were all fine besides spending an entire week inside the water pipe system. 

Take a look at the impressive rescue in the video below. 



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