This kitten’s life turns around completely after his eye terrible infection is finally treated


Many times, it only takes a bit of love and kindness for someone’s life to turn upside down for the best. It’s in the nature of both humans and animals to be around others, make friends, and get and offer help when needed.

A sweet little kitten was spotted wandering at someone’s backyard. The person then contacted a shelter owner named Walter Santi. When Santi approached the kitten, he could see the baby wasn’t in a good mood. It was really surprising how such a young animal refused to be patted. The reason why was because the cutie pie suffered from severe eye infection and was probably in pain.

After spending some time at Santi’s place, surrounded with all those cats this kind man takes care of, the kitten turned into a playful and happy animal. He is now pain free and enjoying all the devotion he is getting from his human and his feline pals.

Santi is now trying to find this baby a forever home. We are sure it wouldn’t take long until someone comes along the way, because let’s get honest, who wouldn’t want a pet with such vibrant and bubbly personality by their side?


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