Look At These Hilarious Expressions Of Dogs Trying Very Hard To Catch Treats In Mid-Air – PAWS PLANET



Meet Christian Vieler, a German photographer who specializes in capturing incredible images of hungry dogs trying to catch treats out of mid-air with hilarious faces. Vieler has captured dogs’ reactions since 2013, and his photos have been made into a book called Treat and a wall calendar of the same name in 2019.

“I started throwing and hit my camera button at the same time … just to find out the right settings for a “motion freezing setup.” Days later – when I cleaned my hard drives – I recognized how funny some results turned out. That was the birth of “Dogs Catching Treats.”

By using a special technique, ChristianVieler captures the exact moment of a dog attempt to catch a treat thrown in the air. The images make us feel like we’re watching everything unfold in slow motion along with an incredible range of emotions of dogs as they catch treats. While many of the dogs appear excited, the others show trepidation, panic, and unrestrained desire.

Vieler’s Facebook and Instagram accounts have become famous and people eagerly await his next photos to enjoy hilarious expressions on the faces of adorable dogs. Scroll down for your dose of doggy delights and have a great laugh with these fantastic photos and the animals in them.

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