Luxury Resort In The Maldives Is Hiring Someone To Look After Its Turtles



If you’d like to spend time in Maldives looking after turtles then this upcoming opportunity may be for you. The only downside is your time in paradise only lasts two weeks, and it’s unpaid.

Despite how short it is, plus the lack of payment, the
opportunity would be great for anyone who loves turtles and spending time at
the beach.

The “inturtleship” as it’s being called, is offered by the luxury resort, Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, which is also the home of the Olive Ridley Project Marine Turtle Rescue Centre.

They are looking for someone who can complete the following
daily tasks:

– Feeding the turtles
– Cleaning holding tanks
– Observing surgeries and medical procedures
– Attending rescue missions to collect turtles in need
– Assisting with the release of rehabilitated turtles back into the ocean
– Interacting with guests who visit the center and giving them information on the
turtles staying at the center
– Attending any Olive Ridley Project presentation evenings
– Posting on the Olive Ridley Project’s social media platforms, to update on
your personal progress and show a behind-the-scenes look of the rescue center

There are worse ways to spend two weeks.

During the time spent there, the successful applicant can expect
to be housed in “a beautiful guest villa and have full board benefits at Cowrie
restaurant.” Flights will also be included, and there will also be some
additional perks thrown in such as a “Sunset Cruise and a guided snorkeling
trip in the stunning Baa Atoll.”

The lack of payment might not be such an issue after all.

Even better, “applicants do not need to have previous experience”
which works out well, because there’s probably very few people out there who
would have the previous experience anyways.

While the idea of hanging out with turtles in the Maldives
sounds will probably sound appealing to the masses, the internship would be
most beneficial for someone interested in becoming a vet. That’s in part
because the successful applicant will have the chance to work alongside Dr.
Claire Petros, one of the UK’s leading specialist turtle veterinary surgeons
and the lead vet at the Olive Ridley Project.

While you don’t have to have previous experience, the
advertisement did expressly say that the applicants applying should have an
interest to work in related fields/oceans, so if you’re not maybe don’t bother

Besides that, the internship is open to anyone from any country,
provided they’re over the age of 18. The position has a negotiable start date
in August. If you are a budding vet or marine something or other and would like
to find out more information and apply, you can click here.

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