Malamute Suddenly Sings-Along In A Duet With A Street Violinist


This malamute howled along with the violinist’s tune…It is natural for a dog to howl. Some dogs, especially sledding breeds, have a tendency to “sing-along” whenever they hear music or even to whatever their owner says. Malamutes are one of such sledding breeds and were bred to pull sleighs. They are working dogs and mostly run for sport sledding races such as the famous Iditarod in Alaska. It is common to hear malamutes howling to almost anything. For a Taiwanese street violinist named Angel, a malamute is the perfect partner for an unofficial duet!

Earlier in October, a woman named Christina Krawec visited Vienna in Austria and stumbled upon a crowd standing in the middle of a public square. Curiosity got the better of Krawec so she decided to see what was the fuss about. When Krawec got to the centre of the crowd, she saw Angel playing her violin to the crowd and a big malamute lying down not too far away from where she was performing. While Angel continued to play her violin, the malamute started to “sing-along” to the tune every now and then, forming an unofficial duet! Needless to say, this amused the entire crowd, including Krawek herself. Wanting to document this moment, Krawek filmed down a video of this duet and later posted it on her own Twitter account, which quickly went viral.

Thanks to both Angel and her “partner”, the pair delivered easily one of the best street violin performances of all time!

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