Mama Donkey Begs People To Help Save Her Wounded Baby, Her Prayers Are Answered



Throughout the years, we have stumbled upon many incredible animal rescue stories. Many of them were done and documented by the kind-hearted rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited.

These people are doing their best to help as many strays as possible and their goal is for the animals of India to be treated with more respect.

This time, they came to the rescue of a baby donkey whose head was bleeding. It’s mommy was going from person to person trying to tell them that something was wrong with her baby.

Some of the passersby who stopped to offer help put turmeric on the little donkey’s wound as they believed it would help stop the bleeding. However, when they realized that wasn’t going to work, they contacted the staff at Animal Aid Unlimited who came to the scene in a matter of minutes.

They were quick to place the baby in their van and bring it to a medic. The mommy donkey was scared for her baby and looked in confusion so the rescuers took her with them too.

After they carefully washed the little donkey’s head, the rescuers realized it had multiple bite injuries. They assumed it was dogs who attacked it.

However, what was important was that it got the so much needed medical attention and was about to recover completely. It’s mommy knew those humans were there to save her baby’s life so she never objected them getting closer to it. She just stood still and waited.

Now, both the mommy and the baby donkey whom they named Genevieve would stay at the organization’s sanctuary until they are ready to be released.

Judging from their cheerful spirits, we may assume they really like it there.

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