Man Angrily Drags Wounded Dog Down The Road, Then Punches & Spits On It



What is this world coming to? A disturbing footage of a dog owner who tortures his canine has emerged online and the RSPCA officials are asking from the public to provide them with any information regarding who this person might be.

He not only dragged the poor dog forcefully and violently, but at one point he started kicking him and even spit on him. 

It’s very obvious that the dog is terrified and that this wasn’t the first time for him to be hit and punched in this manner. The animal struggles to get on his feet as the violent man drags him by the leash. 

The woman who witnessed the incident and took the video tried to confront the man, but he was aggressive and told her to mind her own business. He even abused her verbally, so she decided to step back as she realized he was a lunatic. 

So far, RSPCA has received few tips about this cruel owner, but that’s not enough for them to track him down. On top of that, certain privacy laws protect him so no further details regarding the investigation were shared with the public. 

How this crazy man treats his dog is beyond horrific. It chills our blood and causes uncontrollable anger. We just hope he will be brought to justice as soon as possible. 

The video of the abuse can be seen below. Please proceed with caution. 

Story Source: Online

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