Man ‘Dared To Eat Gecko’ Dies 10 Days Later



A man who supposedly
ate a gecko as a dare during a Christmas party died 10 days after, having
contracted a salmonella infection.

David Dowell from
Brisbane, Australia was alleged to have eaten the gecko on the 1 of December
during a Christmas party. The next day he felt unwell, but chocked it up to
being hungover. However, his symptoms got worse, causing concerned family to
contact emergency services.

Then, 10 days after
eating the gecko, the 34-year-old father of three died in “absolute agony”
after being diagnosed with a salmonella infection. Six months have passed, and
his family described how David “basically rotted from the inside out.”

He was taken to the
Mater Hospital on the 4 of December, where staff diagnosed David with a
salmonella infection.

Initially, his
family believed that the salmonella infection had been caused by chicken,
however, his partner Allira, recalled the dare from the Christmas party when he
ate the gecko.

His sister Hannah had said, “She [David’s partner] told the doctor and the doctor said ‘that could have been it’. But there has been no evidence that he actually ate it because there was: ‘Oh yeah I saw him eat it’. And then: ‘No, I didn’t see him eat it’. It was a dare, so he might have intended to eat it and then thrown it away. At the end of the day, we don’t know whether he actually ate the gecko. David never mentioned it.”

Hannah described her
brother’s symptoms, saying how he became incredibly bloated – to the point that
he looked like someone who was six months pregnant. His urine had gone black,
and he was vomiting green. After several days, there was fluid built up in his

Hannah recalled, “When I went up and saw him, he was just in absolute agony. Mum was asking them [doctors] because he had a blockage, ‘can’t you just operate?’ They said no.”

Michelle, David’s
mom, had told The Sydney Morning Herald, that there was fluid leaking from her
son’s stomach.

“His testicles were swollen up to grapefruits and there was fluid leaking from them and they [doctors] said that was normal, it was just all of the fluid in his stomach cavity.”

David died during
surgery, having suffered mass organ failure. The family has questioned some of
the decisions made by the staff the Mater Hospital.

Hannah has stated,
“The surgeon basically said he needed that [surgery] straight away. We also
asked why they didn’t give him a catheter and they said they didn’t think of
that. We have asked for pain relief for David…he was put into a coma because
they couldn’t control his pain. We never really got to say goodbye to him. It
was like they didn’t really care. The moment he got moved into the intensive
care unit, that’s when they got serious.”

Hannah added, “I
want justice for David…or just answers. You don’t ever think anything like this
could ever happen to you and then it does.”

According to The
Sydney Morning Herald, the Mater Hospital have released the following

“Mater offers its
deepest condolences to the family of Mr. David Dowell. Mr. Dowell’s case was
referred to the Coroner, who determined Mater had provided appropriate care and
no further action was required. Mater is unable to comment further on the case
due to patient confidentiality.”

The hospital has
reportedly been unable to go into detail regarding David’s case due to issues
surrounding patient confidentiality.

Hannah has warned
others to watch for the signs of salmonella and beware of how serious they can

Our condolences go
out to the family.

If you or someone you love, have experienced a bereavement and would like to confidentially speak with someone contact Cruse Bereavement Care via their national helpline on 0808 808 1677.

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