Man is stuck inside during quarantine — so his dog goes to the store to buy him Cheetos



As the coronavirus pandemic continues, everyone is self-isolating, staying at home to stay safe and prevent the spread.

While it’s a necessary step, some people still feel a little bit cooped up in their homes without being able to go out for something to eat.

But one clever man found a way to get his favorite snack from the store without having to go outside: he got his dog to do it!

Antonio Muñoz, from Nuevo Leon, Mexico, had been cooped up in “quarantine” for three days when he got a craving for Cheetos.

He couldn’t leave his house to visit the store… but he could send a his pet chihuahua. Dogs are not at risk of getting the coronavirus, so really this was the smartest decision.

Antonion wrote a note to attach to the dog’s collar, asking the storekeeper across the street for Cheetos (specifically the regular orange kind—the red hot variety is too spicy for him.)

He attached $20. And while the dog seems confused (or at least is giving his owner a look like “really?”)…

…the mission was a success. Soon, the dog was coming back across the street with the Cheetos!

It’s pretty impressive—that must be one well-trained dog to be able to follow directions like that.

When you have to stay indoors, it helps to have a pet to keep you company… and this little guy seems like the perfect animal to have during a “quarantine.”

It’s nice to see people having fun with their pets at a time like this—we can all use a fun story like this to get through these crazy times!

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