Man Jumps Into Freezing Cold Canal In His Boxers To Save Drowning Deer



This is the story of a young man who was willing to risk his own safety to help someone else in need. Marc Headon hails from Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. He works as a decorator and painter. One day, he had a job canceled by rain. While this would have been cause for celebration for most, he ended up spending his day doing something else entirely.

He and his colleague were driving around when they saw something that struck them as odd. There was clearly something going wrong at the canal that they were passing at the time. Most people would have kept on going. Marc was on his way to pick up his little girl at the time but the two decided to stop anyway. Once they got closer, they realized what was taking place.

There was a deer trapped in the water and the animal was not able to free themselves. “…without thinking, I jumped in and pulled it to safety,” said Marc. The man thought nothing of stripping down to his underwear and pulling the animal from the waters. What an incredibly brave soul. As you might have imagined, the waters were ice cold at the time and this was no mean feat.

His friend Jamie helped him wrap the chilly animal in a blanket. This friend also filmed the rescue and the recording went viral not long after. Once they had taken the animal to another friend’s house for some food and water, they turned the deer over to the proper authorities. The baton was passed to the good folks at Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.

They took the deer to safety, after Marc had received the necessary reassurance. They let him know that his efforts were responsible for saving the deer’s life. The poor animal was just a baby at the time that this story took place. Once the story was shared on Facebook, commentators were more than happy to praise these young men for what they had done to help the animal.

After all, who doesn’t love a good old fashioned animal rescue story? However, this man did take a major risk by jumping into the ice cold waters on his own. This is not something that anyone should be looking to emulate. We do understand why Marc took this risk, though. We are appreciative to him and we are sure that the baby deer is beyond grateful for his help as well!

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