Man leaves $190K in will to shelter and will help bring 700 dogs to safety annually



You may never have heard of Joseph ‘Tony’ Bennett before but he is someone that left a mark on society. When he died, this benevolent man from Madison County left the Madison County Animal Shelter $190,000. This is going to really have an impact on dogs that find their way to the shelter.

The director of the shelter, Scott Tussey said the donation will help some 700 helpless dogs every year. Accidental breeding of animals is a real problem and it has been seen at the shelter. Too many strays in the area puts a burden on the shelter’s resources and sometimes, difficult decisions need to be made.

The drive that has been organized is known as the ‘Bennett Saves Initiative’ seeks to get organized with local veterinarians to help all of the strays in the area. Some of the money will also be invested so the benefits can continue for a very long time.

The donation was recently sanctioned at the Fiscal Court meeting. It won’t be long until it is up and operational.

This is the type of uplifting story that all of us could use.

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