Man Rescues Five Muddy Puppies Trapped in a Well


In Thailand, a man named Surachet Klaewkla was on his way to work. It had seemed like it was just like any other day, when he heard something unusual. He heard what it sounded like muffled cries, which only got louder when he continued to walk. Klaewkla decided to look for the source of the cries and eventually stopped in front of a sewer hole, where the cries were the loudest.

It was then apparent to Klaewkla that something was indeed down there and most likely needed help. As the sewer hole was very muddy inside, Klaewkla could not see what was it and decided to personally investigate it himself. He proceeded to lift the sewage cover and descended into the muddy sewer hole. Not long after, Klaewkla came up to the surface, carrying 5 mud-covered puppies! 

The poor puppies were so caked in mud that they were almost unrecognizable! Klaewkla immediately took all 5 puppies back home, where his family all pitched in to help.

 All 5 puppies were given a good bath, along with much-needed food and water. After the terrible experience of being left in a muddy sewer hole, the puppies could finally have a comfortable place to sleep at night. Klaewkla’s family spent a lot of time with the puppies and eventually decided to give them their forever home by adopting them.

Possibly for the very first time in their lives, the puppies now have a place to call home, permanently.  All 5 dogs are now living happily with Klaewkla and his family in Thailand, what a happy ending!

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