Man Saves Homeless Kitten, the Kitty Returns the Favor…


Many of us believe that we get to choose our pets, but it’s quite different when it comes to cats. They say we don’t choose them, but Homeless Kitten choose their owners. And when you think about it, it’s probably true.

This is the story of Doug, who used to be a terrified little kitten crying under a porch. But everything was about to change when he was spotted by Matt David, who chose not to ignore the cat’s call for help. Once this kind man got closer, the cat immediately got near him and started following him.

Homeless Kitten

“My husband found Doug while dropping our daughter at daycare. It was pouring raining that day and the kitten had taken refuge under the covered porch,” Jessica Davis told us. “Doug immediately followed my husband (Matt) back to the car.”

Matt looked around, but the mother was nowhere to be seen. It was obvious the baby was left all by itself. When he realized it followed him all the way to the car, Matt decided to take it with him and bring it home.

“He said he was so pathetic and skinny, he couldn’t just leave him.”

Homeless Kitten

When they got inside the house, Matt’s wife gave him food and water. The cat was starving, and it looked like he hasn’t eaten in days.

“We were intending to find his possible home. After asking around the neighborhood it became apparent that he didn’t live in the area,” Jessica said.

homeless kitten

Now that it was obvious Doug was staying with the family forever, they brought him at the vet’s office for a health check up, and he was completely healthy. The best thing of all was that the cat got very fond of the tiniest family member, Matt’s son.

The cat enjoys spending time with baby Rowan, especially laying next to him.

“My son Rowan was eating and Doug came right up and made biscuits on him and laid down. Rowan stroked his ears. They were very gentle with each other.”

The two little buddies bonded instantly and have since become inseparable friends.

“He watches him while he eats, plays with him during tummy time and, meows when he cries. It’s adorable,” Jessica said.

“Doug has become an instant part of our family, purring and curling up on us. Now he follows us around the house, sleeps on my head and purrs.”

This family gave Doug, the tuxedo cat, a loving home, but he gave them something even more precious, and that’s a guardian and a best friends of their loving son.

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