Man saves starving husky just in time – now she’s unrecognizable



Tragically, countless animals have to live on the streets as strays or are abused by their owners and left to die. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see an animal in this position.

This stray Husky was in so bad shape you can practically see her skeleton, and many had already given up hope on her. However, an animal rescue volunteer Rico Soegiart rescued this four-footer just in time and gave her a fighting chance – one she fully took.

Source: Ria Myburgh

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This Husky was a street dog in Bali, where the overpopulation of stray dogs is a huge issue.

Even the government doesn’t really know what to do about it, and it’s safe to say that life as a stray there is absolutely terrible and immensely difficult. For this dog, in particular, it’s suspected that she was also horribly abused by her previous owner given her injuries. It’s an absolutely sickening sight, but luckily, there are also people who do good and try to rescue every mistreated animal they come across.

Rico first spotted the Husky when he was simply on his way home from work.

Source: Ria Myburgh

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, as he spotted a stray dog that was in absolutely horrific shape with bones sticking out because she was starving.

The man wasn’t even sure at first if the pooch was still alive, as the four-footer seemed completely lifeless. He determined that she was still breathing, but barely. The dog was desperate, helpless, and urgently in need of help. Rico came at just the right time.

Over the next ten months, the volunteer then proceeded to give the animal medical care, food, and all the attention and love she deserved.

Source: Ria Myburgh

The man has watched her grow from an almost lifeless stray into an adorable, proud, majestic and affectionate Husky.

Even though you can definitely tell this dog is a Husky now, the 26-year-old actually had no idea what kind of breed he was dealing with when he first came across her. Her fur was covered in filth and aside from those glittering blue eyes, you couldn’t really tell this was a Husky.

Every single day, Rico took care of this pooch the best he could. Even though the path to recovery was still incredibly tough, it was all worth it.

Source: Ria Myburgh

Nowadays, the dog is completely unrecognizable!

Slowly but surely, the four-footer started to gain weight and get her health back to safe levels. Her fur started growing back as well, and Rico made sure that she received numerous visits at the vet to make her recovery go as smoothly as possible – all out of his own pocket.

Perhaps the most important change of them all: this Husky finally learned how to smile again.

Rico decided to name her Hope. Her personality started to grow more loving, playful and affectionate every week.

Source: Ria Myburgh

You can tell that Hope is just so incredibly lucky and thankful to have such an amazing owner in her life. Without Rico, she probably wouldn’t have made it for longer than a couple of days.

“She loves getting petted and eats plenty of cookies,” Rico said about her.

You can check out an adorable video of Rico and Hope below, it’s absolutely heartwarming to see!

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Source: Newsner, Facebook (Rico Soegiarto)


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