Man sees three dogs trapped in burning car – then it explodes


Peter Koska is a proof that not all heroes wear capes. Some are just kind human beings who would do anything in their power to help save a life, no matter if it is human’s or animal’s.

On his way home, this brave man noticed a vehicle on fire. And as the sight wasn’t scary enough, there happened to be three dogs inside the burning SUV. The poor animals were trapped and there was no chance for them to get out of there all by themselves.

He knew how approaching the car wasn’t safe as it could explode any moment, but he simply couldn’t leave the dogs there. He reached for them, even though he knew that would mean risking his own life for the sake of theirs.

Koska said: “I figured I had time to get in there and get them out.” The good thing was that the car’s door was left unlocked so he didn’t waste any time trying to open it. The moment he opened the door, two of the dogs jumped out of it right away, but the third dog, a Labradoodle, was way too scared to get near the stranger. But then, Koska reached for it and managed to take it in his arms and to safety.

The moment this man and the dogs moved away from the car, it exploded. One of the dogs got frightened from the loud sound and ran off. Janice, the owner of the vehicle couldn’t believe what she was seeing when she returned. Apparently, she is a dog walker and at the time of the accident she was out picking up another dog.

She felt relieved knowing the dogs were fine and after she came to terms with what happened she tried looking for the one who ran away. Luckily, she located it shortly after.

“Those dogs have to be family to somebody.”

“My son has a dog that we love. It’s like family. So I figured you know, those dogs have to be family to somebody,” Koska said when explaining why he endangered his own life to help the dogs.

If it wasn’t for this man, the dogs would lose their lives in the worst way possible. Mr. Koska, we can’t thank you enough for everything you did for these lovely canines.

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