Man Tearfully Reunites With His Lost 20-Year-Old Blind And Deaf Cat PAWS PLANET



While traveling cross-country from California, Lily, a 20-year-old senior Himalayan wandered off and got lost in South Florida.

Due to being blind and deaf, she couldn’t find her way back to her owner Raymond McNamera. Raymond alerted the authorities for help, he even got the local police, animal control and a search party involved to look for Lily, but they were unable to determine where she was.

Raymond was heartbroken, and he thought that Lily most likely couldn’t survive in her condition, especially with the extreme local weather in Florida. He had given up all hope that he would see his cat Lily again.

Two months later a lady found a cat at the construction site where Lily was lost. The poor cat had managed to survive for two months on her own in the heat, and in the bad weather. She was dirty, sick and matted but she was taken to the shelter and was nursed her back to health. Local authorities believed that this was Lily, and they immediately called Raymond.

When McNamara arrived, he broke down in tears. It was a sweet, tearful moment when he was reunited with his blind cat after she had been lost for two months in Florida. Raymond swears she’ll never let her out of his sight again. “She’s never going to get away from me again. She is my world. There was no greater moment for me than being able to hold her again.”

The heartwarming moment was captured on video:

“It was a very happy day.”

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