Man Tries To Help “Lost Dog” Near His Kentucky Home


A Kentucky man named Tyler Wilson was at the local gas station when he noticed a Yellow Lab that gave the impression of being lost. He looked around but it didn’t seem like the dog’s owner was nearby. Tyler then remembered seeing that same dog a couple of days earlier and he was now convinced the dog wandered off and needed help tracking his humans down.

“I’ve seen the dog a couple weeks before around that area,” Wilson tells. “So when he came up to me at the gas station and sat next to me, I was like, ‘This dog has been lost for a while.’”

Tyler approached the dog and the first thing that came to his mind was to see whether the animal was wearing a collar with any information about his family. This idea really was a good one, as the dog indeed had a silver collar, and what was written on it made this man smile.

The collar read: My name is Dew. I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home.

Tyler was certainly going to do what this dog’s family wanted him to, but before that, he decided to take some time and have fun around the Lab who was obviously in the mood of hanging around with total strangers and getting long belly rubs.

It turned out everyone knew lovely Dew, and people were always thrilled to see him around. He often embarks on new adventures, but at the end of the day, Dew always returns home to his family that adores him and accepts him as he is.

The family used to be worried when Dew was missing, but they soon realized he loved getting lost and being around other people. They tried to keep him home, but that didn’t make him happy so now they let him do as he pleases.

“Dew loves to make new friends,” his family tells The Dodo. “Fortunately, Dew is chipped and wears a GPS tracker so when his sneaky little self gets out and about, we always know where he is! He just likes to spread the love.”

Although they are aware his adventures aren’t always safe, the family knows their dog is sort of a celebrity in the town and is loved by the whole community. Knowing how people feel for their dog puts their worries to rest.


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