Man Turns Tires Into Beautiful Bed For Stray Animals


When some people think of their career goals, making a million dollars isn’t at the top of their list.

While it would be hard to think of anyone that wouldn’t welcome that fat paycheck with open arms, some people’s career goals are to serve others and make the world a little bit better instead of just becoming rich.

Amarildo Silva Filho of Brazil is one of these people. The 23-year-old artist was working at a grocery store to pay the bills but it’s not what he really wanted to do in the world.


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“The only way to do a great job is to love what you do,” Filho said, according to My Modern Met.

While Filho still had his art, he didn’t feel as if he was fulfilling his life purpose.

That all changed the day he saw the potential in some discarded tires.

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When he saw that tire, he didn’t just see a tire.

He saw a way to both help the environment and stray animals in the area.

Filho realized that he could upcycle the heap of tires he found piled along the street and turn them into beds for Brazil’s stray population that roam the streets.


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“What used to be trash now becomes something very useful for animals,” Filho said.

Filho will usually find tires on the side of the street.

Sometimes he buys them or gets them as donations.


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Once he finds his tires, it takes Filho about 40 minutes to work his magic and turn an old tire into a colorful cozy pet bed.

First, he has to cut out the middle part of the top of the tire.

Then he makes sure the tire is cleaned and pet-safe.


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Once that’s done he paints the tire a bright bold color and adds paw print and bone accents. Sometimes his pet beds are personalized with the pet’s name.

Next, he uses some padding and polka dog fabric to make a comfy cushion and pillow for the animal to rest on.

He also adds some handles to it so it’s easy to lug around. Filho has been doing this for about two years.

Stray Animals


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Back then he set a goal for himself to make about 6,000 beds.

He has since achieved that goal.

Not only has he made beds for more than 6,000 animals, but he’s also even turned his work into a busines
Stray Animals


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People all around the world are paying to get their hands on these adorable eco-friendly beds.

Filho says he even hopes to expand his pet bed business in the future.

You can get buy one through his Facebook page here. Learn more about Filho’s project below.

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