Man’s Dentures Go Missing Until He Sees His Dog’s Hilarious New Smile



In a world where it seems like new social media superstars are being created on a constant basis, we love to see dogs going viral. Some of them even become famous enough to warrant their own social media presence. One of the most common ways for an animal to go viral is by wearing something that belongs to one of their owners. Dogs in people clothes are always funny, we don’t care what anyone says.

The pup in this story is now taking things to the next level. Eunice and Maggie are the best of friends. Maggie is a Shih Tzu-poodle-chihuahua mix. Her mother has created an Instagram page for the adorable pup. Those who take the time to visit the magstermoomoo page are always immediately enamored with her and for good reason. How could anyone resist that cute face?

There are the usual pics that you would expect to see on a page like this one. Maggie is clad in various Halloween costumes and her mother seems to truly enjoy their time together. The latest incident that this family captured on camera will have you screaming with laughter, though. Maggie decided to help herself to a different type of human clothes.

Let us start by giving a little background. Eunice lives in her parents’ home. When she leaves each day, she allows Maggie to spend time with her father. She and Grandpa get along famously, for the most part. One day, Maggie decided that she was going to engage in a little mischief. Grandpa had taken his dentures out beforehand because they were causing him pain.

He never could have expected what would end up happening next. When he woke up, the dentures were gone and he was absolutely baffled. Why would someone break in and steal a set of dentures? He just knew that there had to be a better explanation. A quick look around the house revealed that Maggie was the culprit for this theft.

How can anyone possibly stay mad at a dog that is this adorable, though? We know that we would have a very hard time doing so. It is hard to even keep a straight face while looking at this photo. “I was in tears laughing and showing all of my coworkers,” says Eunice. We are right there with you, ma’am. Please share this hilarious story with all of your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible.

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