Meet Brimley, The Rescue Persian Cat Turns A “Dog Person” Into A Cat Dad PAWS PLANET



R.J. LaCount always considered himself a “dog dad” and he never thought that he would adopt a cat until he met Brimley, the happiest rescue Persian cat in the world.

“I grew up with bulldogs in my family, and fell in love with “goofy” looking animals, but am just not home consistently enough for a dog these days.” He explained to iHeartCats.

One of his friends linked him to Brimley’s photo, R.J fell in love with the handsome cat and decided to adopt him.

Brimley was rescued from a neglectful breeder. His breeder threw him in a cage, crippled and left for dead. Thankfully, the poor cat was saved by “Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue” and taken to safety. The rescuers quickly gave him eye drops and medication to help him make a full recovery.

Luckily, he found his new dad and it was love at first sight. Brimley had eye problems when he was a newborn and had to have surgery, but R.J didn’t give up. He even took time off work to care for Brimley every day and help him back to his best self.

Despite having a rough life in the past, he still loves his new owner so much and he often smiles whenever he pets him. Brimley has also brought R.J companionship, joy, and connection to a worldwide network of cat lovers.

“I’ve actually never been much of a cat person, but completely fell in love with Brimley the second I met him. He’s such a sweetheart, relishes having a good home for the first time.”

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