Meet this neighbourhood friendly cat, she goes from house to house asking for treats and cuddles, isn’t she a delight?



Cats are the most skillful cuddle thieves among the animals. There is something in them which makes us love them to the moon and back, regardless their somehow indifferent attitude. They do consider themselves the most important members of the family, and their hoomans have to accept this fact whether they like it or not. They love being patted on the head and fed just on time, and they will pay you back for that by treating you with a bunch of licks every now and then.

For one cat named Mama, the attention and the treats she was getting from her family weren’t enough, so she simply decided to make friends with her neighbors. It all happened one day when Mama first appeared at this other family’s doorstep. They knew she belonged to their neighbors but were more than happy to spend some time cuddling with her. The catch? Mama loved this and started visiting this family every single day for the past year.

The members of this family got used to these visits so much that in cases she misses to pay them a call they get concerned and wonder where she might be and whether everything is fine. She even learned how to knock on the door. The family would often take photos of Mama waiting for them on the porch and they are equally sweet and hilarious.