Milliseconds Before Disaster, A Hero Dog Leapt Into Action And Averted A Tragedy


If you are a dog lover, you are probably familiar with how intelligent Border Collies are. This breed is so exceptional that they learn new tricks in a matter of minutes and are known for their perfect herding skills. No one really finds it surprising that these dogs are almost always on the top when it comes to agility contests. Owners are sharing their experiences of having a Border Collie as a pet and all of them agree how these dogs have to be kept engaged and mentally stimulated all the time as they simply love gathering knowledge.

Hero Dog Leapt

An incident that took place in Canada just recently speaks of the Border Collies’ caring nature and loyalty not only to their humans but to other dogs too. The canines’ owner took them outdoors and they all had a fun day playing fetch and running around. However, one of the dogs, a tiny Chihuahua wandered out into the driveway at the exact moment a car was going in reverse. The poor pup could have easily ended up under the wheels if it wasn’t for the Border Collie’s quick-thinking reaction.

The Border Collie’s intelligence and courage resulted in a tragedy being avoided. A life was saved that day and things didn’t take the wrong turn.

The moment he noticed the car was heading at his friend, the Border Collie started running right towards the Chihuahua and had her out of the way without even hesitating even a bit. The driver wasn’t able to see the dog in the rear view mirrors because of her tiny size.

People are left in awe by the footage of the incredible rescue and they say how the Border Collie’s instinct to intervene for another dog in trouble is incredible.

Realizing something was going on, the car driver pulled out the vehicle. She was more than happy to see no one was hurt. A Border Collie saved the day and saved a life.


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