Mistreated Shelter Dog Knows She Finally Safe & Falls Asleep InRescuers’ Arms.



This story speaks about a poor dog who’d spent approximately her whole life at a public shelter in a concrete kennel. She was never shown any attention or love or even taken for a walk.

Fortunately, some rescuers from Howl Of A Dog managed to take her out of the shelter and take her to the vet to receive the medical treatment she needed. Bella, the dog, was still very friendly and trusting to humans despite what happened with her.

She fell asleep in her rescuer’s arms when they were on their way to the veterinary clinic. I think she knew that she was in safe hands. Bella was treated for her fleas when she arrived at the clinic and she was also given a very-needed bath. She was also given plenty of food in order to have wight and supplements to help her liver and spleen.

Bella’s fleas are now all gone as she has received vaccinations for them. She is now very happy and playful and starts gaining weight. She has a clean beautiful fur and she looks healthier. She’ll be ready for adoption once she is completely recovered. Watch the video below.

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