Mom Accuses Dog Of Eating Pillow So Little Girl Steps In To Defend Him



A little girl named Sierra takes her love for her dog to a completely new level. Not only she won’t let anyone mess with her gentle giant, but she shows some incredible lawyer skills that left her mom and everyone who has seen the video dumbfounded.

Mom blames the dog of eating the pillow and Sierra isn’t really happy with those accusations. So, she starts questioning mom and asks her whether she has any proof that it was the dog who did it.

It’s obvious the girl is aware that her mom didn’t expect from her to question her in return so she’s making a cute little smirk.

And when mom asks her who else could eat that pillow, Sierra has another brilliant answer. If you want to hear what she had to say, just go to the video below.

While the mom and the daughter are arguing, the dog is lying and stays cool because he knows he’s got someone who has his back; his sweet human sister who takes the role of a lawyer.

This is definitely a must watch as it will make your day!

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