Mom catches dad & dog jamming together, secretly films their cute dance routine


Oh, those dogs, making our lives complete ever since they first became part of humans’ lives. They have to be the only living beings who are so friendly, loyal, and trustworthy at the same time. Those owning one will relate to what I am saying and will assure you that getting a dog is the best thing you can ever do.

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dog jamming

And as we already know all to well how fun and intelligent our four-legged companions are, some may not be aware they are very musical too. Yes, they have the ability to move to the rhythm and even howl along their favorite songs. If you don’t trust me, just take a look at this adorable pooch and his human daddy. These two know how to have fun.


One of their favorite songs is on and dad starts swaying to the beat. The dog won’t let his human dance all by himself so he joins in and starts doing exactly what his owner does.

It looks as though they have been practicing this dance routine before, that’s how synchronized their movements are. They both sway their heads back and forth and the doggy even uses his front legs to balance his head.

dog jamming

Mommy was watching the duo’s performance without them knowing she was around. Once they spotted her, they stopped singing and dancing. But we are so glad she got to put this amazing bonding on tape.

You have to agree how this is one of the best dancing routines of a human and their best furry pals. We know we enjoyed it, now it’s your turn to check it out.

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