More People Are Installing Dog Showers In There Homes



Everyone who’s ever owned a dog knows the struggle of bathing
and then cleaning up after their pet. While taking the dogs to the groomers is
usually the most hassle-free option, it’s not always logistically possible.

But now there’s a solution in the form of custom dog showers.
Yes, you read that correctly. There’s
currently a growing trend of stylish dog showers – a luxury home staple among
pet owners.

There are more and more homeowners who are requesting to have a
dog shower added in to their homes.

The pet-friendly feature is gaining popularity among the more
affluent, becoming as common as a laundry room.

But it makes sense – it can come in handy to help curb muddy pay
prints from happening all over a pricey home. And while dog showers are
associated more with a higher income bracket, they’re not just status symbols,
they have practicality behind them. They’re actually a much safer choice for
both dogs and their owners, rather than having to hoist a dog in and out of a
slippery bathtub. 

The dog showers were designed and built to be higher and more
stable, so that pet owners can bathe their pets more efficiently, minimizing
the risk of bathroom-related injuries.

In fact, it’s usually the owners of larger breed dogs who are
asking to have dog showers installed in their homes. It is safer for the dog,
as well as easier on the owner, and at the end of the bath, the tub isn’t full
of fur.

There are also other practical uses of the dog shower. They can
actually add value to a home because of their multi-purpose nature. Depending
on where the installation is placed, the dog shower can double as a washing
area for non-canine members of the family. For example, a dog shower placed in
a laundry room or mudroom would be very handy since they’re places where the
most amount of dirt and grime tends to build up. So if you’re very outdoorsy
and enjoy sports such as biking, hiking, surfing, swimming, or jogging, it
would make sense to have one installed in one of these spots to ensure that
dirt or sand isn’t further tracked into the home.

The dog showers can still maintain their value, even if there
isn’t always a dog at the residence.

There are many ways for homeowners to integrate a dog shower into
their homes.

For example, an outdoor dog shower feature is great if you’re
not ready to go all-in with the trend. The outdoor option is also a great
choice for people living in a warm climate as they don’t have to worry about
their pets getting cold while bathing.

There are also more spacious, walk-in style dog showers, which
are great for bigger breeds, as well as senior dogs. Since they’re not as
elevated, older dogs won’t feel uncomfortable getting in, and pet owners won’t
have to struggle to lift larger dogs into the shower.

So, would you install a luxury dog shower for your dogs? Let us know!

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