Mother Cow Hides Her Newborn Calf To Prevent Her From Being Taken Away By People



Mother’s love is the most powerful force on Earth. When you think about it, there is really nothing a mother wouldn’t do for the well-being of her offspring. This is of course true for every species out there, and a mother cow named Clarabelle is just another proof of that.

During the past years, this cow experienced the pain of her babies being taken away from her after they were born. But this time, she was determined to prevent that from happening by hiding her sweet calf at different places every single day. She believed this would prevent humans from tracking the baby down and taking it away.

However, Clarabelle is now placed at the Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary and no one will ever let for her and her calf to be separated.

The sanctuary shared the emotional video writing, “Bless this sweet girl, who, having had each successive calf taken from her shortly after it was born, was determined this one would be ‘hers’.”

You can take a look at Clarabelle and baby Valentine’s story in the video below.

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