No One Wants To Adopt This Shelter Cat Because He Has The Cutest Habit PAWS PLANET



Elliot the 9-year-old tabby cat is struggling to find a forever home because he has been at the shelter for three months. Rescue staff at the Elliot’s Cats Protection Center in East Sussex, England are worried when no one wants to adopt him because he is always sneezing.

Before living at the center, he was living as a stray and a Good Samaritan came to give him a loving home. Unluckily, his new owners realized they were allergic to him, and they had to bring him to the shelter.

The tabby cat Elliot suffers from chronic rhinitis, which led to a few health issues for him, but nothing severe. He has a constant runny nose and is congested – so keeps having to sneeze.

“Elliott is definitely very snuffly and his condition means he has some damage to the bones in his nose,” she said. “However, this doesn’t bother him and he is a happy, affectionate chap.”

He is friendly cat and loves cuddles. He can spend all day on your lap and he also loves children. He doesn’t think that he’s any different from any other cat at the shelter. So, he is waiting for the chance to be a perfect pet.

The center is still looking for a potential adopter, who will able to overlook Elliot’s sneezing fits and give him the loving home that he deserves. If you want to adopt Elliot, you can visit Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Center’s website for more information.

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