Obese Beagle Found In Kill Shelter Finally Knows What Love Feels Like



This stray beagle named Wolfgang is over 60 pounds overweight, depressed and couldn’t even take short walks. He was found in a kill shelter in Arizona, and nobody knows exactly how Wolfgang’s weight got so out of control. Thankfully, a foster family took him to their house and Wolfgang happily made himself at new home.

“We do not know anything regarding the circumstances as to why he was at the shelter,” Erin McManis, a foster with Arizona Beagle Rescue, told The Dodo, “but the shelter initially found him as a stray. Arizona Beagle Rescue decided to spring him from the shelter and my husband (Chad Schatz) and I became his foster parents.”

Although he can’t do pretty much anything the other dogs can do, he is always in good spirits and loves everyone. He is not able to really interact with the others, but he wants to. He loves lying on his back in the yard, sunbathing and staring at Fred and Andre, two other rescue dogs who were both adopted from Arizona Beagle Rescue.

Wolfgang is so happy in his new home with his foster parents who love him unconditionally. However, overweight or obese dogs like Wolfgang are at a greater risk for a number of serious consequences. For this reason, the foster family decided to help him lose weight and find a loving home.

Wolfgang is now eating healthy with a special diet, which recommended by a veterinarian. Also, he is getting a good amount of exercise such as swimming around in the pool and taking regular walks.

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Posted by Wolfgang’s Weight Loss Journey on Sunday, June 9, 2019

“I was concerned he would act really hungry on the new diet,” McManis said, but Wolfgang surprised everyone with how upbeat he is. “He seems to love his foster home and his diet/exercise plan. He is a very happy dog.”

“When we adopted Andre he weighed about 68 pounds and now he is 23 pounds,” McManis said. “We have had experience before helping overweight dogs, so we are confident we can help Wolfgang.”

We all start somewhere. I start at 89.7 lbs. I feel bad for hurting Chad’s back, and Chad is also sorry for the language. My diet has started and I also got my walk in after dinner.

Posted by Wolfgang’s Weight Loss Journey on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Once Wolfgang finishes his weight-loss journey to drop 60 pounds, he will be ready to be adopted by his forever home. Thank Arizona Beagle Rescue and the foster home for helping Wolfgang. He is now healthy and can do everything he loves.

Wolfgang is an amazing dog and a wonderful source of positivity and motivation! He inspires everyone to lose weight, and inspires them to help their dog lose weight. Please share this story if you love Wolfgang and don’t forget to follow his weight loss journey on Facebook.

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