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Love For Shelter Dogs is necessary. Each year, there are millions of animal homelessness are taken in shelters. The main reasons are owners abandoned them, or animal control finds them on the street. Thankfully, not everyone around is heartless, so people are willing to give poor animals another chance at life. One such person called Maisie Green who uses her talent to provide blankets and sweaters to keep the shelter dogs warm.

Love For Shelter DogsMaisie Green is an 89-year-old dog lover from Essex, England. Three times a year, she donates her knitted creations to the shelter Dogs Trust Basildon. Her family members often help her deliver blankets and sweaters to the shelter. At 89-years-young, Maisie has knitted around 450 items for the pups awaiting forever homes at the shelter. Dogs Trust says that she has been donating hand-knitted goods to them for many years.
Love For Shelter DogsEven at her age, Maisie didn’t give her work to help the poor souls at the Dogs Trust shelters. “I love knitting and I love dogs, so this combines both wonderfully! It takes me three days to knit a blanket and one day to knit a doggy coat. It keeps me busy and often I like to knit whilst watching television. I’m delighted to be helping the four-legged residents at the center in some way.” Maisie told the Basildon Standard.
Love For Shelter DogsPlease share with your friends and family! Thousands of poor cats and dogs at the shelter are waiting for a forever home. So, the best thing a cat or dog lover can do is adopt their next companion from a shelter.

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