Olympic Sprinter Saves A Little Tortoise – Who Was Stuck On The Road


He knew that the little tortoise needed help…27 year-old David Verburg is an Olympic gold medalist sprinter who as represented USA in the Olympic games. Verburg won a gold medal in the 4×400 meter relay race for both Olympic events in Moscow and Rio, making him a world-class athlete.

It turns out that not only that this Olympic sprinter is a gold medalist, he also has a heart of gold when it comes to animals. Earlier in October this year, Verburg and his friend were driving down a road in Gainesville, Florida when he noticed something.

Verburg immediately swerved the car to avoid hitting the unidentified animal, who seemed to be remaining stationary in the middle of the road. Verburg soon saw that it was a little tortoise, who was in grave danger as there was quite a lot of traffic at that time.

He knew that the little tortoise would not survive out there like that, so he knew he had to do something fast. Verburg quickly bolted out of his car and sprinted to the tortoise’s location while the red light was still on. He picked up the tortoise and sprinted back to his car before the green light came back on.

little tortoise

The tortoise has stayed in her shell all this time, and only came out when Verburg set her back down in a spot away from the busy traffic. Seeing that the tortoise was finally safe brought a smile to Verburg’s face.

Verburg later posted a story of the rescue on his Facebook page and it quickly garnered over 300,000 views, along with several comments praising the sprinter’s heroism. Check out a video of this heroic rescue below!

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