Owners Use MS Paint To Incorporate Their Rescue Cats Into Popular Photos And Artwork



Meet two special cats – Trooper the Handicapped Kitten and his cute sister, Bandit. Trooper is an adorable black and white feline who was rescued by Terri Brittingham & Sean McGoldrick after being abandoned by his mother. He was born without hips and fused elbows, so he cannot sit like a regular cat and walk normally. Despite all this, he is still a playful and sweet boy.

Trooper’s twin sister Bandit was gravely ill with Feline Severe Stomatitis. Her mouth was severely ulcerated, inflamed, and bleeding with uncontrolled mucus discharge. Thankfully, the owners have finally found a wonderful, caring vet to nurse them back to health. The kittens are now enjoying a happy life with loving owners.

Not that long ago, their owners came up with an idea to create ‘meowfits’ for their cats. They use the simple standard Paint program that comes with Windows to incorporate Trooper and Bandit into popular posters and artworks, and they have done about a thousand pictures.

“There’s a secret (or not so secret) world of cat fans on social media who like to play and create ‘meowfits’ for our cats,” the owner told Bored Panda. “It’s all in fun and a good way to kill time and be creative. I don’t have Photoshop, but use the simple standard Paint program that comes with Windows.”

Scroll down and enjoy!

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