Panicking Pooch Leads Owner To A Pond – And Spots Someone There


One day, a woman named  Abby Leathers and her rescue dog named Bruce were alone together at home when suddenly, Bruce was behaving oddly. He made it obvious that he wanted to get outside pronto – for some reason. The dog even scratched at the door to get Abby’s attention, and it did not look like he needed a bathroom break either.

Eventually, a concerned Abby attended to Bruce’s call, and let him out the door. The troubled and panicky dog proceeded to take off in a fashion akin to a bat from hell once he got an exit, and this alerted Abby that something was really wrong. The woman hastened her footsteps and followed quickly to see what the trouble was.

Bruce had led her directly to a nearby pond, which was cold and dark yet located deep in the woods. Abby immediately spotted an elderly woman who was knee-deep in the water. She had realized that the woman was confused and lost, but could not speak any English.

However, Abby was still able to lead the woman out of the pond successfully. Abby then carefully wrapped her up in a blanket tin order to keep her warm before dialing 911, enabling first respondents to make their way to the pond.

Coincidentally, the woman’s family would call the authorities around the same time to report her as missing. Luckily for the local authorities, they did not have to look far, , thanks to Abby as well as her amazing dog, Bruce!

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