People Think That These Stunning Photos Of Two Stray Cats Cuddling Are Staged. And You? PAWS PLANET



A Californian world traveler who loves cats and dreams about having his own companion in the journey. Nevertheless, it will be too difficult when he has to cross many international borders.
Therefore, his travels are often lonely and he always wants to play with stray animals to ease this feeling, but they’re usually too afraid of people and he can’t approach them.

However, in a two-week sight-see in Turkey, he couldn’t believe there are many stray kitties roam the streets and cafes. The Turkish people have taken it upon themselves to care for these animals, feeding them and even building them cute houses. They are so friendly that if you stood in one spot for just a few minutes, they would come running to be stroked.

One day, he was strolling the Bosphorus Canal and he saw two cats just cuddling each other, inseparable. He has never seen any cats behave like this. He quickly snapped photos and wondered if anyone would believe it wasn’t staged? If you don’t believe and need to check whether these photos are real or fake, go see for yourself! They’re waiting.

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It was a chilly day, so maybe they were huddling only for warmth.

Just a perfect day.

Morning yoga.

Kitty house!

Nearly every cafe has cats on the tables.

This guy hardly lifted his head to say “hello”.

Hard day’s work.

This one was pregnant and, hence, wary.

Cats live all over these rocks, scouring for fish or whatever else they can find.

They come running, demanding to be picked up!