Pharmacist Notices Stray Dog At The Door And Realizes She’s ‘Asking For Help’



Image Source: The Dodo

Banu Cengiz is a Turkish pharmacist. She is also very compassionate when it comes to dogs. She has a dog of her own, a lovable pooch that she rescued from a life on the streets. When she comes across other dogs that she does not have the chance to take care, she creates a cozy nook for them at her facility. She’s not looking for attention, she simply wants to help the animals out.

Image Source: The Dodo

Now, word has spread about her good deeds. People know that she truly cares about these animals a great deal. One dog must have caught wind because she showed up and waited expectantly. It was as if she had already heard about Banu through word of mouth. When she saw the dog, she knew that she had to assist her right away. “She was looking at me,” says Cengiz.

Image Source: The Dodo

She immediately addressed the dog as if they were old friends. Once the dog was taken inside, she realized what the problem was. The poor pup had a major gash on her paw. She was in a lot of pain. Banu was not going to allow the girl to head back out into the world with an open wound. As you can see in the video clip, she stopped what she was doing to assist her.

The dog was very appreciative for what had taken place. The wound was cleaned out and the dog was even given some much needed antibiotics. Banu believes that the dog trusted her. She says that the animal even laid down once the procedure was complete. The tired dog just needed a place to rest peacefully. Banu did not disturb her slumber.

Image Source: The Dodo

She was also given a bed to sleep in and some water to drink. It was clear to see that the dog had made the right choice by selecting this location. Banu had to let her go at the end of the day and wished that there was more she could do to assist the friendly pooch. “Unfortunately, I couldn’t take her home,” the woman said.

Image Source: The Dodo

Her job is to heal the animals and assist them in finding homes. If she could take home more of them, she happily would. We definitely believe her on that one. Please share this touching story to raise awareness about all of Banu’s helpful assistance. Kudos to this woman for taking the time to step up to the plate.

Image Source: The Dodo

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