Pit Bull Adores Felines, & Finally Gets A Litter Of Kittens


Meet a canine gentle giant named Ozzy, who is also at the same time, a cat-loving Pit Bull. He knew only one other feline, and they first met one another 3 years ago. Ozzy had just been adopted by a family of 5, along with their cat, Norm.

Pit Bull Adores Felines

However, Norm ignored Ozzy – their personalities never really clicked as they were polar opposites. Ozzy was outgoing, while Norm was described as a “grumpy old man”.

Still, Ozzy still held a fondness for felines, and yearned for a friend. Later on in the month of June, his owner Lajeniss took in a pregnant stray cat whom she later named Winnie. Winnie was all alone on the streets, which caused Lajeniss to become increasingly concerned about her welfare – hence her rescue. One month later, Winnie became a proud mother to 5 kittens – and Ozzy was right there to help.

Pit Bull Adores Felines

Ozzy was a very attentive and nurturing guardian who would become concerned whenever the kittens mew – just like how he was around his owner’s son when he was a baby. Ozzy would allow the kittens to tumble and crawl all over him, being affectionate as they look up to him. Winnie, who is always close by, gets along great with the Pit Bull as well.

Pit Bull Adores Felines

Soon after, 4 of the kittens would be put up for adoption for new forever homes; while Winnie and 1 of her kittens (named Troublemaker) are here to accompany and stay with Ozzy!

Watch the whole scene in the video below!

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