Pit Bull Was Almost Euthanized, But Authorities Stepped In


This Pit Bull is now a part of them!

This is the story of a dog named Apollo, who did not become a part of the Tukwila Police Department just like other K9 dogs did. Apollo had been previously abandoned and sent to a shelter prior to his rescue. He was a shelter dog for six months and was about to be euthanized because he was ‘unadoptable’ and had ‘too much energy’. The shelter had phoned a Washington State narcotics K-9 trainer and asked her to see if Apollo could be a possible candidate for detection work. The trainer ran Apollo through some drills – and he passed with flying colors! The woman then took Apollo out of the shelter, and placed him in her kennels located in the Department of Corrections (DOC).

Apollo was not selected immediately as he had to wait another 12 months as one dog after another was selected over him by other officers. No one would give him a chance due to the perception that Pit Bulls are notoriously ‘untrainable’. The trainer who had rescued Apollo however, reports that he was a high drive dog and he would finish first in narcotics school – if only someone would give him a chance to.

Watch Apollo’s story in the video below!

His fellow colleagues on the force decided to give the canine a chance. Apollo finished narcotics school back in November 2017, and did indeed become first in class! He is extremely friendly, and can often be found trying to get fellow officers to play with him. He has brought great joy to everyone at the department, due to his nature as a very productive hard worker. He is now a part of his handler’s personal family, as well as the Tukwila Police Department itself!

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