Pit Bull Dogs Had A Rough Life, But He Finally Found Someone Who Would Love Him


This is the story of Norman, a Pit Bull Dogs who never gave up on humanity, the possibility of being loved once again and most of all, himself. He was severely neglected for nearly a lifetime, as well as actively abused. Suffering from multiple skin infections leaving him covering in a bed of scabs along with scarce patches of remaining fur. The smell of dead flesh on Norman was unbearable, and he was starved thin.

Despite his condition, Norman fought through the pain. He had a difficult time standing, but his desire to live was much greater than his weaknesses – and his tail said it all. He was quickly given some dry Pit Bull Dogs food, and had a leash slipped on him. His rescuers from AMA Animal Rescue knew that Norman needed medical help ASAP due to his extremely malnourished and unsanitary condition.

Pit Bull Dogs

Norman got into his rescuers’ car, and it was the best he had ever slept. Vets at Noah’s Ark immediately administered IV fluids which helped Norman live another day. Rescuers believe that Norman was medically neglected and abused for at least 10 years.

Pit Bull Dogs

Unfortunately, Norman was confirmed to be mostly blind and deaf. He also had 2 types of skin diseases and a severe case of arthritis. People thought he wouldn’t make it, but he did with each passing day. After months of intensive medical treatments, Norman got to a healthy weight and was able to walk around with ease, on his own! Time came for Norman to leave medical boarding and his foster home, he found a woman who would love him unconditionally.

Norman’s new owner even renovated her home with specially fitted stairs just for him, along with a large yard. Norman had a challenging road to recovery, and he triumphed, earning him the nickname ‘the pittie that never gave up’. Bravo Pit Bull Dogs, Norman!

Pit Bull Dogs

Watch his story in the video below:

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