Pit Bull saves young girl from falling off deadly 60-foot cliff



It’s really amazing how animals can sense when someone’s in trouble. This is especially true for dogs, who possess this ability of detecting subtle changes in the mood of their owners and those around them. That is the reason why these noble creatures make great service animals who assist people with disabilities.

A quick-thinking Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Max helped in saving a 14-year-old girl’s life by running away from his owner and leading him to the 60-foot-cliff where the young lady was seen sitting. The moment George Conner, Max’s human daddy, noticed his dog was acting strange, he knew it was a warning that something wasn’t right. He followed Max to the spot known as a home of several suicides over the years.

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The cliffs of Sussex are home to several deaths or suicides each year.
“Being the nosey guy that he is, he started whining and pulling on his lead,” Conner told the Daily Mail. “I could see a shape and thought it might be some rubbish, but when we got closer I saw someone was sitting up there on the cliff ledge.”

The dog stayed by the girl’s side until the police arrived making sure she was fine all along. No one really knew how much time she had spent sitting there, but judging from her condition and the fact that her body’s temperature was getting low, it was quite a lot.

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Few survive the steep drop off the sheer cliffs.
“The officers went over to the cliff edge and tried to get her attention but she wasn’t moving. So they decided to pull her through the fence and away from the edge,” Conner said. “She wasn’t really coherent. It looked like she was suffering from hypothermia and the police said her eyes were rolling back into her head.”

“It’s anyone’s guess how long she had been up there. She was sitting on a part of the cliff where, if she had passed out and fallen, she would have died.”

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Without a sturdy Pit Bull to help her, the young girl may have fallen to her death.
The poor girl was rushed at the Royal Sussex County Hospital where she was given the medical care she needed. Luckily, her condition is now stable and she’s expected to make a full recovery. Conner is happy she’s going to be just fine and is glad his dog could feel she needed help. He said:

“A police officer came up to me and said, ‘you’ve saved her life,’ but I said, ‘no I didn’t, it was Max who found her.’”

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Max is a hero for saving the young girl!
Max has been Conner’s loyal companion for six years, and those are probably the best six years of this man’s life. Well, who wouldn’t love spending their days around a smart and lovable dog like Max.

“He’s got a great temperament and is a very friendly dog who is always ten steps ahead of the game,” Conner said. “If I’m ever ill he always notices. I don’t know if I would have found her without him.”

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