Pit Bull’s Charming Morning Routine at Shelter Wins Him a Forever Home –



The moment Earl, a stray brown and white Pit Bull, entered the shelter, everyone at the Humane Society of Madison County knew he was something special. They have never seen a dog fond of belly rubs so much as this cutie pie. Now if you want to see just how much sweet Earl enjoys the affection the workers shower him with, then you have to check the video of him rolling onto his back and wagging his tail until he gets his morning petting.

But, it wasn’t until seven months of Earl’s stay at the shelter, that the employees decided to put his charming routine on tape and share it on their Facebook page.

In no time, many people saw the video and fell in love with Earl. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the line of potential adopters was a long one. The luckiest, Arika and Dan Haupt, got to welcome Earl in their life and in their home.

This couple was looking to adopt a dog for some time, and Earl seemed like the perfect pup for them. Once in his new home, Earl got a new name, Duke. His dad shared a photo of him enjoying and wrote, “He’s struggling to adapt to his new home,” which was obviously a joke, as Duke was having the time of his life.

His name was changed, but his lovely morning routine of wagging his tail and waiting for belly rubs remained the same.

We hope this cute story will remind you that the perfect dog for you is there at some shelter, waiting for you to see just how special they are.


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