Police Dog Saved From Kill Shelter In The Last Minute Gets Retirement He Deserves


An 8-year-old former k9 dog was surrendered by its handler, to a Brooklyn animal Shelter – but the devastating news was that Buster the German Shepherd or Police Dog was not put up for adoption.

The dog’s owner, whose identity has not been released, expressed that he had a variety of ‘personal problems’, which then prevented him from caring for Buster properly. Buster and his handler had previously served in the local police force, together as a team. Yet, he had given up ownership of poor Buster so easily.
A Queens based animal rights group named Four Paws Sake was responsible for the rescue of Buster. They had prevented shelter staff from euthanizing him on the very same day, and assisted in finding him a safe and permanent home after his frightening ordeal.

Previously a k9 officer in the patrol and narcotics department, Buster is a very well-behaved, well-trained and sociable canine who is also very gentle with children. He had been working with his handler ever since the tender age of 18 months. Despite his seemingly perfect profile, Buster was unfortunately, put on death row. This piece of news has sent a wave of panic and outrage amongst animal welfare enthusiasts and lovers alike, and many have offered to adopt Buster instead. Thankfully for Four Paws Sake’s very timely intervention at the last minute, Buster has narrowly escaped euthanization, and is now in the hands of a handler who is very well-versed in dealing with retired k9s alike.

“We did nothing out of the ordinary as a rescue group. We brought a dog to safety where he will live out the remainder of his life happy, with experienced hands, in the right home,” the rescue group wrote on their Facebook page.


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