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An 8-year-old kitten was rescued after being found in Lewiston with his mouth glued shut.

According to Idaho Animal Rescue Network, the kitten was found at the 49er’s Saddle Club on Tammy Creek Road on Tuesday, September 1. He had glue covering his mouth and his nose was also partially covered. He was taken to Orchards Pet Hospital where he was treated and cared for.

“This 8 week old kitten is recovering at Orchards Pet Hospital this morning after he was found at the 49ers Saddle Club with its mouth glued shut,” Idaho Animal Rescue Network wrote on Facebook.

“Needless to say, we are very upset and angry! If anyone has any information on this kitten or who may have done this, please contact us immediately.”

After reading the Facebook post, people from around the world responded to the heartbreaking photo with angry comments.

“Thank heaven it was found and helped. What an evil person to do this to a poor kitten,” one person wrote, while another said: “People like that scare me. If they can do that to a poor defenseless animal how would they treat a human being?”

Another commented: “People like that scare me. If they can do that to a poor defenseless animal how would they treat a human being? I only hope that somebody turned him in and really punishes him for what he did to that kitten. I’d be glad to take care of him send him my way. A very heartless person.”

Thankfully, the kitten is now covering and in the care of Helping Hands Rescue.

In a Facebook post that was shared by Helping Hands Rescue, the kitten was having trouble breathing as his mouth and his nose were sealed. Veterinarians thought the glue looked like rubber cement.

“Whoever did this wanted him to suffer and die very slowly,” the post says. “I’m sure he didn’t do this by himself. It’s very fortunate for him that he was found in time and rushed to the vet.”

UPDATE: The kitten was named “Biscuit”, and he is now doing well in his new forever home with his rescuers.

Please share this post to help officers catch the person responsible for this horrific crime against a defenseless animal. Anyone with information about the kitten or who may have done this is asked to contact the Idaho Animal Rescue Network.


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