Poor little puppy was slipping away- vets were stumped until they blood tested him


Amazing things happen when kind-hearted people refuse to give up on animals in need. The noble deeds the rescuers from Vet Ranch do for the poor animals are a perfect proof of that. Recently, they stumbled upon a dog that was about to be euthanized at a kill shelter.

Ice the Husky was in a very bad shape and everyone was convinced he wouldn’t make it. But as it turned out, those who didn’t believe in this loving soul were wrong.


little puppy

Veterinarians informed the Vet Ranch staff how Ice was suffering from severe anemia, a horrible hookworm infestation, low blood sugar, low blood pressure, and was diagnosed with Parvo. Chances were he wouldn’t survive. But his rescuers never gave up on him and decided to do everything in their power to try and save him. 

After a bunch of tests were ran, it appeared that Ice’s anemia was even worse than everyone assumed. The dog was hours from falling into coma because of his low sugar levels in his blood. He didn’t react to people’s voices, and couldn’t move an inch when they tried to get him up. He was way too weak to even lift his head. The sight was devastating and heartbreaking.

The next thing the doctors did was give Ice an IV treatment and a blood transfusion. This helped his health condition a lot, but he still had a long way to go. He was so week that he didn’t react even when they were changing his needles.

After the blood transfusion was done, however, Ice managed to lift his head and gave his rescuers the look of hope.  

The poor pup couldn’t eat because of the Parvo that affected his stomach. But this changed after a couple of weeks and Ice started eating regularly. This was a sign that he was on his way to complete recovery. People around him were happy for the dog that could ended up being euthanized if they didn’t take him out of the shelter.

Ice’s story is very special. From being on the verge of death to becoming one happy and a healthy dog in such a short time. After he’s condition improved a great deal, he was placed at a foster family. These people, however, got used to be having Ice around the house and couldn’t imagine giving him to another family. And, guess what? They decided to adopt him for good. Now Ice has a forever home and got his happy ending.


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